Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walking wrong

I am an airbrush tattoo artist and as such occasionally have an opportunity to just sit and watch people as they walk past my set up. Something I noticed today is a large percentage of the traffic was limping. Not super noticeably, but noticeable enough. Some had a shorter stride on one leg, others had other quirks. It was a rare pedestrian that actually had an even stride.

Having benefited from physiotherapy a few years ago, I realized that far too few others have had the same opportunity. If the government wanted to be proactive and prevent serious damage being done, they would find a way to make physiotherapy more accessible to everyone.

I thought of a scenario in a mall 'physio clinic' where, within a roped off area, a team of physio therapists could provide gait assessments and advice on how each individual might prevent an injury by correcting their stride.

If you have an injury, find out if you're able to access physiotherapy through a recommendation from your Doctor. Often, there are low-cost options available for those without healthcare coverage. It can help you recover better and stay stronger.

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