Saturday, July 10, 2010

Would one world government really be so bad?

I grew up watching the original Star Trek series and naturally watched the successive evolutions of the franchise as each came out. Almost every alien world the crews visited had evolved into a one-world government system that represented all the world's population. Of course, occasionally a world would have a resistance group that was fighting for an under-privileged sector of the population, but for the most part, each world seemed content to have a single government.

And, why not? Instead of having multiple governments fighting for a population segment, all people would be represented. And, as long as profit does not outweigh individual rights and access to resources, I don't really understand the resistance of Earth's population to a one-world government.

The reality is, we all have a right to the world's resources. We all have a responsibility to share with our brethren. Just because I was born in Canada, do I deserve a bigger share of Earth's water? Should my country benefit and profit from our geography? Today's corporate leaders and stock market system would have you believe that. But, if we look at the world as belonging to all of it's citizens and the responsibility to care for the environment as the duty of everyone, then geography is irrelevant.

Imagine if the world's citizens cooperated with each other and instead of bottling our fresh water in Canada and selling it piece-meal to other countries, we willing shared it. Likewise, other countries would share their bounty with each other. There would be no reason for war - as long as every ethnicity was included and treated equally - or hunger, or thirst.

We all would work together for the common good of not only mankind, but all the varied species and eco-systems of the world. Just because man has been identified as the top of the food chain dominant species does not mean that all other species must suffer for our survival.

This is my dream for humanity. I know that I am only one voice, and my dream is likely just a fantasy, but I can't help hoping it could one day come true.

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  1. Funny, that's exactly what I have been thinking recently.

    Who do those people think they are to think they can wage war on such or such country, take their resources, kill their people and so on - and to be honest I have no particular government in mind when I say that. There's so much corruption around, you can just take your pick.

    I see a few problems though with having one government in charge - would they be able to handle such power? What power should they have? how do we ensure they are fair etc etc.

    I believe the bible says something about that too in the "end of time" section. It'd be interesting to see how God would handle "governments".