Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where I'm at

Geographically: Southern Canada, New Westminster, BC. Emotionally: I'm home. It's been a long haul since I left the lower mainland 10 years ago and I'm so happy to be back.
"They" say you can never go home. Well, it's never going to be the same as you remember. I have changed and grown, even matured some. I have more confidence now, and am determined I won't go into old age with regrets of opportunities lost.

My husband and I moved to this paradise only six weeks ago. My intention was to find a full-time office job and operate my airbrush business tattoo on the side. However, as I haven't had any requests for interview, (which worries me somewhat, but that is another discussion), I've been focusing my efforts on getting the airbrush tattoo business booked for as many weekends as possible. Not to mention, designing new signage and business cards.

Last weekend, my husband and I worked six hours each on Saturday and Sunday painting tattoos on a crowd of young and old. It was exhilarating, (and a little nerve wracking), to have a lineup of eager folks stand patiently while I painted tattoo after tattoo. When I finally reached the last person in line, I looked up dazedly - possibly a little high from the alcohol fumes - and asked, "are you the last one?" She answered, "yes", and I learned my smart husband had told her some time earlier that she was to tell all who queued behind her that she would be the last customer. We had steadily painted nearly non-stop for the entire time!

Later that night, hubby and I sat at a table on our apartment patio and I showed him how to disassemble the airbrush guns, clean all the many parts, and put them back together again. I have three different brands of airbrushes. My favourite, the Devillbiss Dagr, I have two of. They're fantastic airbrushes, very reliable and easy to spray with and easy to clean and reassemble. I have six Master S58 Siphon feed airbrushes. I hate them. LOL, they are a pain to clean and reassemble, need constant maintenance to keep from plugging up and are inconsistent in their spray. Of course, the Dagr are more expensive. If I could though, I'd order 8 more Dagr and get rid of the siphon feed airbrushes.

I vary between excitement at the prospect of successfully running my own business (and not needing to go back to work in a office) and being scared that I will flop. Well, I'm not going to let fear of failure scare me off from trying. So, I'm marching on.

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