Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warning to contact wearers everywhere.

Well, here it is Sunday, my favourite day to be lazy and do what I want. Today, I phoned my daughter who accidentally blinded herself last Wednesday when she tried a different contact solution than her normal brand. For a 20-year old, she's remarkably level-headed and had read the directions on the box before taking her contacts out to clean. Amanda noticed a red collar around the top of the bottle, but not having her contacts in, couldn't easily read it. Squirting the fluid into the container, she noticed the tip was a different style and red but attributed it to just being appropriate to the different style contact containers that had come with the bottle.

The trouble started when she put the clean contact back into her eye. The pain drove her to the floor as her eye welled up and began to tear effluently. Amanda re-investigated the box, holding it close to her face and reading the fuzzy words. Picking up the bottle, she brought it up close and read the white letters. 

At 6 a.m. that morning, my test alert went off with the message, "Mommy, are you up?". Of course I called her and heard the sad story. Now five days later, her eye is still hurting and the optometrist has advised her not to put contacts in until at least Monday morning. Apparently this is a common mistake and both the clinic receptionist and the optometrist have done it. As a result, the optometrist is no longer able to even wear contacts!

Now, maybe this is just a mother's automatic reaction to her child being hurt, but I feel like the contact solution that can cause so much pain and damage, not to mention loss of work, should get sued - and there's likely a class-action suit if one could gather enough affected contact wearers. The solution should have a bigger warning and put it down where the directions are. That just makes sense to me.

So, what is this dangerous contact solution? Clear Care Solution. Click here to see the instructions.

PSSSTT... pass this on so hopefully no other contact wearer will have to bear this pain.

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