Monday, September 17, 2012

$77 for a haircut?!?

I needed a haircut and so I made an appointment with my usual girl, at the usual shop. The day came and I had a lovely visit with my hairdresser, catching up on all the gossip with each other as she shaped and snipped my locks. She escorted me to the front cashier, as is the norm, and quietly spoke to the girl before saying goodbye to me.
I had my debit card in hand, ready to pay the regular fee of $40-odd dollars and waited for the cashier to punch in the digits. That's when she dropped the bomb. "That will be seventy-seven dollars, please", she stated and smiled at me. I paused, and smiled back at her, before I asked, "For just a haircut?". "Yes," she breezily replied, "for just a haircut".
The look on my face must have tipped her off that I wasn't prepared for the amount because then she elaborated that my hairdresser had just been promoted up a step in the salon. "Oh," I said, as though I understood now. I dutifully inserted my debit card into the machine but told the cashier, I wouldn't be able to tip my lovely hairdresser as I hadn't been prepared for the high amount. She assured me that was understandable.
I wandered out of the of salon, shocked at the amount I had just paid and getting angrier by the moment. "Who in their right mind would pay $77 for a haircut?!" The realization hit me then that I now needed to find a new hairdresser. I am a loyal customer when I find a good stylist and it had taken me a long and extensive search to find my current girl after moving to my new city.
I did have a thought to send a letter to the management of the salon expressing my disappointment about the high rate and stating I won't be returning in the hopes that they will relent. But for now I must begin my search again.

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