Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harper must go, let's unite the left!

I have long been a Liberal supporter, but out of dismay over the Harper Conservatives election success, I have been considering voting NDP to ensure my vote will count. As I think about each of the NDP and Liberal parties', they have similar values but approach the issues differently. The NDP seems to me to be like a sweet, generous aunt, who can't stand to see suffering and injustice and wants to set it all right. They care about the Canadian public and in their zeal to put things right, may not be fiscally prudent.
The Liberals on the other hand have a good track record with fiscal management (sponsorship scandal aside). They understand Canada's role in the world and espouse the ideals I value as a Canadian, which is to be a global leader in environmental stewardship, using diplomacy to deal with global issues and ensuring access to higher education for the population.
I have to admit that I believed Paul Martin would be a fantastic PM and was devastated when Chretien's scandal took Martin down. It didn't seem fair that Harper's Conservatives were able to sabotage such a great leader over the actions of a PM who stayed too long.
But I digress.
After two heartbreaking elections, I have come to the conclusion that the left must join forces. I know I'm not alone in this view. The vote is being split between the Liberals and NDP, while the Conservatives take advantage and form minority governments. We must stop this.
There is enough common ground to make this work. With the Liberals' fiscal management and governing experience and the NDP's ideas, this is a workable idea that I believe, could result in a stronger, better option for Canadian voters.
I truly hope that we see a dialogue on this before the next election. Or, I'm afraid we're doomed to another minority Conservative disaster.

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