Saturday, June 5, 2010

RE: Canada wins fight over global bank tax at G20 meeting ...

I saw the headline and flinched. I used to read similar headlines and smile proudly, but that was before, when I felt like our country stood for something good and upheld the values I hold dear. That was before Canada was high jacked by the Harper Conservatives.
Tentatively, I click on the link and begin to read about the sabotage my elected leadership has wrought on the latest G20 meeting. Turns out that (most of) the rest of the members had wanted all financial institutions to contribute to a fund that would serve to support an important financial institution in the event of a crisis. Sounds logical to me. Just because Canadian financial institutions withstood this latest economic crisis doesn't mean that they won't run into trouble in the future.
But good ol' boy, Bush-style, our Finance minister manages to roadblock an agreement among the rest of the G20 members. As a matter of fact, our government has been lobbying world leaders for months on this matter.
It's sad I tell you. I used to be so proud to be a Canadian. Lately, I find myself wanting to crawl under a rock.

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