Friday, June 4, 2010

Admitting the obvious

I'm not very good at being consistent. I go on tangents - with enthusiasm - but they don't usually last long. For instance, I started this blog over 18 months ago. I knew a daily log would not be possible so I set a goal of once a week. The first few posts were on time, but then a personally devastating incident took place and although I have occasionally constructed parts of blog posts in my head, none have actually made it to 'paper'.
However, one of my goals for self-improvement is to work on my consistency issues. So, I'm back again. I believe that society is so disenfranchised from the traditional 'familial supports' that a vast majority of us feel alone in our experiences and feelings. My goal for this blog is to share what I'm going through, my thoughts on events - both personal and public, and a hodgepodge of ideas.
I hope you enjoy reading it.

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