Saturday, July 10, 2010

First BC interview is positive.

It's been just under 2.5 months since my husband and I moved to BC from a rural Alberta town. Since we're both collecting EI, and had a houseboat trip planned for late July that was already paid for, we haven't committed as much time and energy to our job searches as we could have. In fact, I only really started pumping out the resumes and cover letters the past week and a half.

So, considering how tough the job market is supposed to be in greater Vancouver, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to an interview so quickly. I should mention here that although I did take some business courses, I have not completed even a certificate program. However, I do have quite a bit of customer service and office administration experience and with my intelligence, feel like I bring a lot to the table for an employer.

Despite the low advertised wage, I decided to go ahead with the interview in the hopes that if I should be offered the job, I could negotiate a higher rate of pay. The young lady I met was very pleasant and spoke highly of the boss and expressed regret to leave the position. She described the duties and responsibilities and then passed a personality test across the table. She seemed embarrassed as she explained that the boss required all applicants to take it so he could assess what kind of person he was hiring.

Personally, I was thrilled about it. I believe that if we are self-aware and and aware of the differences of personality traits in people, it provides us with tools to deal with those other types. If the boss here was that progressive, it was a good sign. I filled out the test form while my interviewer went to brew a cup of tea, and then peeked at the next page that showed results and a table. I couldn't make any sense of it though, so I pushed it back against the table and on top of my references.

When she came back, I asked her a couple questions I had recently come across on the Regional Help Wanted site that said I could win my next interview with three key interview skills. She seemed really impressed by the questions and I listened carefully as she answered. Finally, I came to my last question. As I felt my skills and experience were worth more than the starting wage, how long should I expect to wait before a raise would be forthcoming. She acknowledged that the wage wasn't great, but since she worked weekends for an additional flat rate, she had been satisfied with the income and hadn't asked for (or received) a raise until after working a year.

I left the interview feeling as though I had represented myself well and was a viable candidate. However, the more I thought about it and talked to my friends and family, the more I realized that even if offered, I wouldn't want to accept the job. I have recently been exploring advanced education options and unless a "great" job offer comes along, I would rather take a year to upgrade my skills in order to command a greater wage.

While searching for the same test (M-L-A), as what I had filled out at my interview, I was unsuccessful in finding it. However, I did come across another similar test at under the page that defines Personality Traits. The test link was at the bottom of the page, called The Big 5 Personality Traits. Find it here.
See my results below.
I'm a O47-C74-E79-A74-N22 Big Five!!

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