Sunday, June 20, 2010

Setting goals

All the successful people tell me that the way to join their ranks is to set goals. I know they're telling me the truth, and have tried to set goals for myself many times. Invariably, either through self-sabotage or unforeseen circumstances, I end up abandoning them and feel a sense of failure.

It occurred to me recently that how I treat my New Year's resolutions, (not very seriously, often) is an indicator for why I tend to fail to achieve my life goals. I always start out enthusiastically, but after even a minor setback, my resolve begins to crumble and within a fairly short time span I have given up.

Today, I recognized that false sense of failure as it reared it's ugly head and tried to make me feel like a loser once again. But this time, I am determined to push through it. I know that everyone faces these feelings, and I'm not going to let a minor set back trip me up any longer.

And so, I am going to set out my goals for all to see, with a reasonable time frame for each so I can't say they are unattainable or unrealistic. This will of course require me to come up with a 'game plan' on how I intend to follow through with milestones to measure my success.

Short term goals:
1. Lose 60 lbs by August 2011.
2. Write a comprehensive business plan for Air-a-Tatt, my airbrush tattoo company and apply for funding by July 15, 2010.
3. Find a full time job by the end of July 2010.

Goal 1 Game plan
a) No more snacking or munchies after 8:30 pm.
b) Eat more fruits and veggies, less bread.
c)  Track my food intake on Nutridiary
d) Move more! I am committing to going for a fat-burning walk, rain or shine, a minimum 3 times per week and doing my Yoga exercises 3 times per week also. I will track my exercises on Nutridiary as well.
By following this game plan,  I intend to lose a minimum of 1 lb per week and will track this with a weekly weigh-in and a monthly measure-in.

Goal 2 Game plan
a) Follow the Scotia bank Business Plan Writer and complete the plan.
b) Using the Canada Business Services for entrepreneurs site, I will identify grant/loan options and apply for funding through those options. This will enable me to apply to more venues and grow my business' success.

Goal 3 Game plan
a) Apply online to a mininum of 10 opportunities I am qualified for per weekday.
b) Visit the employment resource centre 3 times per week.
c) Purchase special paper and print copies of my resume, handing out a minimum of 10 per week to possible employers.

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