Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back to work and random thoughts.

Sunday evening, well I guess it's officially night now, at 10 to 10. Tomorrow is the big day, my first day at the new job. I wish I'd asked whether there was a dress code, and could remember what kind of clothes the interviewer was wearing. I am tempted to wear my jeans, but I expect I'll wear some dress pants. I've long held that you dress for the job you want, not the one you have, or "dress for success".

I'm definitely dressing in layers though, as the office we met in was a bit chilly. But then, with the temperatures outside in the mid -20 Celsius range, nowhere was really warm. Everyone tells me it's unusual for it to be so cold for so long in the winter here, and that we've gotten record snowfall for the area. It all seems normal for me.

One thing I've noticed is that the days get longer, faster, down here. Already the sun is staying up in the sky past 5 PM and it doesn't get dark until nearly 6. That's a huge improvement from the North! I find my 'winter blues' are already lessening, with the added daylight, and an energy renewal that usually comes much later in the Spring for me.

I asked, and was told that Spring is usually in March, and that things green up then. Oh, I look forward to seeing that! After so many years of waiting for the leaves to come out until late April, it will be nice! Of course, there aren't nearly as many trees on the prairies, but my new town is in a valley with a tree-lined river.

I mentioned in my first blog that the culture was different here than up North. There are also language differences. For example, a valley down here is called a coulees, (coo-lees). And, there are land formations that are called hoodoos, (who-doo-s). It takes a bit of getting used to, but I suppose in a country as big as Canada, regional differences will be big too.

Like the attitude thing. I've never been the 'meek little woman' kind of gal. And, I may have had a reputation for being a little, um, too head-strong. Yeah, that works. I have prided myself for always being in control of my life, and that means I paid my half of everything.

If I needed something done, I did it. As long as it was within my capability to do so, of course. I believe in letting the professionals do what they do best. But, aside from that, I wasn't afraid to tackle any task. I've painted walls, sanded decks, and done all kinds of work on autos, including body work and removing/installing windshields.

But I find a different attitude down here. My bf has specifically said that he'd rather I didn't paint unless he was with me. And he's not alone! Because we go out once a week for pool leaue, (he plays, I cheer), I get to hear the other guys on the team talking 'guy talk'. It seems that rural/central Alberta is a little more old-fashioned about male/female roles than I could have thought possible, were I not experiencing it personally.

The thing about stereotypes, I'm finding, is that they're based in facts. And if Albertans have a reputation for being red-necks, well that's true. Of course, there are exceptions, and we keep our mouths shut. We're out-numbered!

On the other side of that coin, who'd have thought a solo individual of an 'alternative life-style' could be accepted in such a red-neck environment? And he is. The guys and women even joke with him about his choice and how few romantic opportunities there are for him out here.

Well, that's an hour and I think I'm done rambling.. until next time.

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