Friday, January 23, 2009

The next chapter

After quitting a much-hated job late October last year, and half-heartedly looking for a position in November and December, my job search has come to an end. With a phone call this morning offering me a part-time position, I've re-joined the ranks of the employed. I'm pretty excited about it too, as it is in a field of work that I've never tried before. I love new challenges and stretching myself, and since the administrative assistant career had become old hat, this new opportunity is exactly what I've been seeking.

Living in a small town, I have heard some negative things about the people I may be working with, but I'm determined to go in with an open mind and a good attitude. I've been told negative things about other workplaces before, and found that it's all in one's perspective. Conversely, I've been told good things about jobs I've ended up hating.

I am relieved to have found a job that I know right off I won't hate. Part of me was dreading the idea of having to go back to a serving or cashier position, but with today's economy I was preparing myself for those possibilities. The town I've been looking for work in is pretty small, (no Timmies!) and the opportunities are limited. Even as I prayed for a job I wouldn't hate, my goal of finding work before the end of January was nearing. Phew, and woot woot! Mission Accomplished!

Now I have another mission to attempt. Beside me sits my sewing kit and a pile of stuff that needs some TLC. Priority one, is my dog's favourite stuffy. Then we'll see about the boyfriend's jeans. Oooh, exciting stuff, I tell ya!

Until next time...

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