Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome! let me explain a bit...

I have long considered creating a blog, but am guilty of procrastination, always telling myself I don't have the time. Meantime, I've regularly spent hours on Facebook (FB) aimlessly wandering friend's profiles and apps. But, it's the start of a new year and that's the time for beginnings, I'm told. So in that spirit, I begin...

In this blog I aim to develop my writing style, share my thoughts on a variety of subjects and take you with me as I make my way through life's ups and downs. I can't promise it will always be exciting, but it will be honest and I can promise you that I am a real person.

I live in rural central Alberta, Canada, in a tiny place where if you don't know what you're doing, your neighbour definitely does. I'm a relatively recent transplant, coming from the 'great white North', or Whitehorse, Yukon. Yes, that's still in Canada!

I had lived there (for the most part) nearly 23 years, having tried to escape the "spell of the Yukon" at least twice previously but ended up drawn back. I'm fairly certain that this time I've left for good, but only Time will tell. I must admit, I think of those I left behind more often than I would have thought, even after 6 months. And, I'm so used to the landscape, that in my mind's eye, I sometimes see it when the prairies hide in a thick fog.

So what brought me here? To this tiny place in the middle of the flat lands, after having lived almost my whole life with mountains? Well, the long story short, it was a man. He was my first love, and after nearly 20 years apart, we reconnected. I want to believe him that it was my having a un-listed phone number that kept us apart, but I know that it was God giving us the time we needed to grow into the adults we are today. I may even have needed a bit more time than he.

We have jumped with both feet deep into a relationship and while I wouldn't counsel everyone doing the same, it has been successful for us. I am happier now than any other time in my adult life, and where I have previously been commitment shy, I find myself ready to take that 'next step'.

So, I am in a new environment, a new relationship, and learning that while Canada may all be one country, from one Territory to the next Province can be worlds away. Who'd have thought that neighbouring areas could have such different viewpoints. Like different countries, almost.

But, maybe I'll save that for the next post.

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