Thursday, November 12, 2015

Learning discipline

I'll admit that I did not feel much like blogging today, and it was only after playing around, reading past blogs and comments that I decided I was going to keep my commitment to write this thing regularly (and actually felt inspired to write something).

I've been sick all week, off work since I was sent home by my fellow CSAs Monday, and feeling guilty on top of physically ill. I know that we are short-staffed at work this week and that me being away has made coverage difficult. Knowing that I can't do anything about it doesn't make me feel better either.

And now, I have been hearing on the news that my area is in for a major storm and residents are being warned to prepare in case the power goes out. I have to say, I feel pretty darn prepared! I have 2 4-litre jugs full of water in the freezer, freezing in case the power goes out so that they will help keep the freezer cold.

I also have another 2 litre jug of water in the fridge. Plus food galore, candles, propane in the BBQ and a sheltered area outside if I need to use it to cook on. I have two large pots of water full of water on the stove on low, with their lids on, so I'll have some hot water - for a while anyway. Yup, feeling like a grown-up. The only thing I would like to have that I don't, is a generator.

Not just any generator either. I have some experience with generators and have to say that the Honda brand is the best in my opinion. There may be others that are just as/ or quieter than a Honda, but I haven't come across any yet. I think a little 2000i would be more than sufficient to run anything I could want, (heater, coffee machine, lights, maybe a little stove).

The thing about all this is, I've been thinking since the spring that I should get prepared in case of an emergency, (I do live on the West coast which is prone to earthquakes and wild - and getting wilder - storms). I was caught somewhat unprepared in August, when the poweer went out. I didn't have enough water or or propane on hand.

Well, here's hoping all my preparations are in vain and the power stays on and the storm passes uneventfully.

Until next time...

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